Recent Feedback

Recent Feedback

We're loving the feedback we're receiving about the quality of our mix.  As you might imagine, having tweaked our family recipe over the past thirty years, we've received a lot of feedback.  People have different tastes and they like different things but after a lot of work and a lot of Bloody Marys, we've developed what we believe is the absolute best mix available anywhere based on the feedback we've received during commercial development and testing.

Here are a few quotes from some of our customers:

"...Oh my God, that is the best Bloody Mary I have ever tasted!"
"...Wow. That's good, REALLY GOOD!"
"...Oh my…that is fantastic."
"...It tastes just like its homemade."
"...I love that it tastes COMPLETE."
"...It doesn’t taste like it’s a store bought mix at all"
"...I'm amazed that is tastes so good and you don't even have to add anything to it."

Try B. Merry and see for yourself.  We believe you'll agree that the hard work and love we put into every bottle makes it the best Bloody Mary mix you will find at any price.

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